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Whether you need a teeth cleaning, veneers, or have a dental emergency this coupon is our gift to you.
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Dental Hygienists

Heater Cloys
Heater CloysDental Hygienist
Christine Grenon
Christine GrenonDental Hygienist
Shari Grossman
Shari GrossmanDental Hygienist
Charmine Kehoe
Charmine KehoeDental Hygienist
Brittany Lemons
Brittany LemonsDental Hygienist
Amanda Gillis
Amanda GillisClerical Staff
Hadley Burtscher
Hadley BurtscherClerical Staff

Clerical Staff

Chi Truong
Chi TruongClerical Staff
Julie Smith
Julie SmithClerical Staff

Dental Assistants

Claudia French
Claudia FrenchDental Assistant
Christin Friedrich
Christin FriedrichDental Assistant
Elizabeth Lenz
Elizabeth LenzDental Assistant
Tricia Williamson
Tricia WilliamsonDental Assistant
Nichole Wages
Nichole WagesDental Assistant
Gabriela Zeissig
Gabriela ZeissigDental Assistant